"Guido" (Gino in Canada) is a pejorative slang term for a young, lower class or working class, Italian-American or Italian-Canadian male from the urban Northeastern United States or urban Central Canada, most often New York and the surrounding area due to the large number of Italian-Americans living in the area.
The Guido stereotype is often portrayed as humorously and incorrigibly uncultured, with a thuggish and overtly macho attitude and an unyielding pride in his Italian ancestry
Cam asta e si "definitia" cocalarului nostru: O persoana lipsita de incultura, cu atitudine de buricul-pamantului, se considera mare mafiot si admira manelistii. Se poate observa totusi si faptul ca specia de "cocalar" provine de la "guido", lucru ce poate fi observat prin tricourile cu "Gigolo italiano/ <insert number here> Euro"

Definitia guido si poza luate de aici.

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